Options for English Language Learners

Options for English Language Learners

ELL OVERLAY 012213There are about 17,000 English Language Learners (ELL students) in BPS. Many of these students require academic programs tailored to meet their specific language needs. Those programs are not offered in every school.

For all three models (10 Zone, Home-Based: A & Home-Based: B), BPS proposes this “ELL Overlay.”   It would ensure these students always have access to an appropriate program as close to home as possible. The overlay boundaries are based on where students live, allowing BPS to put specific programs where students need them. Additionally, the Hernández K-8, Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School and UP Academy Charter School of Dorchester would be citywide options, available to all students, including ELLs.

The ELL Overlay creates geographic zones across the city.  At least one school in the zone the family lives in would have an appropriate language-specific program ready to meet that student’s specific needs.

The overlay will provide families with a nearby school that has the right teachers and tools to help their child succeed. In addition, BPS proposes to add more dual-language programs so there is one in every geographic cluster.

For additional information on options for English Language Learners, read here.

The ELL and SWD boundaries are the same (except in the southwest portion of the city) to minimize complexity for families and better serve any English Language Learners who have disabilities.