Modified 11 Zone Proposal

Modified11zoneThis model creates 11 geographic zones across the city for primary schools (grades K-5). Families get to choose from any school located inside the zone where they live, as well as any school within their walk zone (one mile from home, even if it is across a zone boundary), as well as citywide schools.

After learning about each school, families would rank the schools they prefer their child to attend and are assigned to a school based on seat availability. Sibling preference and walk zone priorities would continue in the assignment process, just as today.

These zones were drawn to balance access to quality schools, provide options closer to home, and increase predictability for families.

The Hernández K-8, Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School and UP Academy Charter School of Dorchester would be citywide options, available to all students. All high schools would remain citywide, just as today. Students in Zone 5 would have access to Mission Hill K-8 School, which is in Zone 8.

This is a modification of the 10-zone proposal, presented on January 23. On February 11, members of the EAC requested that two zones be created out of Zone 7 (Dorchester). This zone had nearly twice as many students as other zones, was the largest geographic area, and had the most schools.

For additional information on the 10 Zone plan, presented January 23, read here.

Elementary schools would feed into middle schools, much like the Roslindale K-8 pathway does today.

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