General EAC Materials

Note: The Boston Public Schools recently launched a new website, so some of the links below no longer work. If that’s the case, you can still access all the EAC and School Choice files by following this link.

EAC General Materials

Information delivered to the EAC

  • BPS district map
  • A brief history of BPS student assignment
  • Student assignment guide for families
  • The following materials are all available in the April 23 Handout Package):
  • BPS Registration Information Session Presentation
  • District-wide MCAS 2011 results
  • District-wide climate survey 2010 results – Student
  • District-wide climate survey 2010 results – Teacher
  • District-wide climate survey 2010 results – Parent
  • District NAEP-TUDA 2011 results
  • District-wide 2011 4-year graduation results
  • District-wide 2011 dropout rate data
  • Boston’s Efforts to Turnaround Underperforming Schools: A Year in Review, June 2011 Presentation to the Boston School Committee
  • Press clippings on BPS quality improvements
  • 2009 Pathways to Excellence Plan
  • 2004 Student Assignment Task Force Report
  • Opportunities for School Choice: Comparable District Research
  • School Year 2012/2013 Round 1 Choice Data with Available Seat Information
  • School Report Cards are available at the bottom on every school webpage, available here