Note: The Boston Public Schools recently launched a new website, so some of the links below no longer work. If that’s the case, you can still access all the EAC and School Choice files by following this link.

In collaboration with the External Advisory Committee (EAC), the Boston Public Schools Office of Strategic Planning has compiled extensive data about current student demand, configuration of schools, and school choice within BPS.

Members of the EAC Data Subcommittee requested this information as part of their work to improve the school choice system. The source data increases the transparency of the student assignment process.

This data will help the EAC understand and assess proposed changes to student assignment in the fall once BPS develops models. This data, in addition to the research BPS compiled on comparable districts (see Attachment N) and many other sources, is part of BPS’s analysis to create a new student assignment system.

The released data contains information about current student demand within the city of Boston, including:

  • The number of students served by district schools, charter schools, private and parochial schools and METCO
  • Demographics, English Language Learners, and special education
  • Choices families have made in the student assignment process
  • Descriptive data about schools, such as enrollment and capacity

Note: Information that could identify individual students, such as name, student ID, address, and parent information, is protected and will not be released.

See also: External Advisory Committee page to access the full list, and Research Question Responses from the July 23 EAC meeting provides for a snapshot of trends across the District.

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